Quick-BILT - Easy Assembly, Easier Rearrangement

The Quick-BILT® is an adjustable shelving unit that employs a simple sliding mechanism to empower those requiring rapid reorganization. If you're seeking the ultimate in fast-change flexibility and robust durability, this shelving unit is for you. 

Designed as an open-front, structurally independent shell, the basic Quick-BILT model includes a top shelf, base shelf, two slotted end panels, and a back panel. It can be further customized with intermediate shelves and sliding dividers. Both of these options are inserted and retained without the use of fasteners.

Dividers snap on the shelves effortlessly and slide across them for quick, convenient alterations. Each divider contains integral lances that receive labels, reducing your reliance on finicky label holders.

Quick-BILT IllustrationQuick-BILT Illustration