BILT Industries
BILT Industries, Inc. Simulated Installation Plan

See an Automotive Dealership/Shelving Supported Mezzanine come to life with Bilt's Simulated Installation Plan.


The Klip-BILT II® shelving system combines versatility with industrial durability.  At its most basic, this popular product is assembled using simple shelves and posts.  High density drawers and shelf dividers can be added to meet more specific requirements.  Side and back cross braces are available for open-type shelving, while panels, as well as doors, can be used for closed configurations.


Simplicity and strength strike an impressive balance in the Speedi-BILT®.  There are only two basic components: beams and posts. Economical particle board can be used to optimize uninterrupted storage space, making this product ideal for bulky items. Our clients have used these to store batteries, tires, wheels, molding, and hanging sheet metal.


Quick-BILT® shelving is an adjustable, sliding shelf unit constructed as an open-front, structurally independent shell. Intermediate shelves and dividers can be inserted and affixed without the use of fasteners.