Speedi-BILT II®


Speedi-BILT - A Load Off Your Mind in a Single Snap

The Speedi-BILT® is a simple shelving unit with only the most basic of components: beams and posts. Best of all, Speedi-BILT offers a tremendous amount of uninterrupted storage volume. This makes it a favorite of those needing space to effectively organize bulky items.

There's no need for premium hardware like clips or special tools when it comes to assembling this multipurpose unit. Because the beams' rivets snap neatly into place on the slotted angle posts, you can expect to use nothing more than a mallet and screwdriver to erect the Speedi-BILT. 

Larger units are exclusively constructed with double-rivet beams and channels for added load-bearing strength. Support ties are then added as needed. Once the units are fully assembled, particle board and similar types of materials can be used to create economical shelving.

Between the single and double rivet beams the Speedi-BILT can handle capacities ranging from 200 to 1,000 pounds. If you've been searching for space-saving, economical storage space, you can breathe easy. You've found the Speedi-BILT.