Quick-BILT Applications

Shelving is an adjustable sliding shelf unit which is constructed as an open front, structurally independent shell, in which intermediate shelves, dividers and Plastic-Bilt Drawers can be inserted and retained without the use of fasteners. Overall nominal UNITS sizes are 38" wide x 12" deep in heights of 84" and 96".

Quick-BILT® offers the ultimate in fast-change flexibility and money-saving durability. The basic model includes top shelf, base shelf, two slotted end panels and a back panel. You add shelves, divider and drawers to suit your own particular needs.

Dividers easily snap on shelf and slide across for fast and easy changes. Dividers contain integral lances to receive label. No separate label holders required.

Quick-BILT IllustrationQuick-BILT Illustration
Quick-BILT Installation