Klip-BILT Industrial Shelving

Klip-BILT II Applications

Easy-to-assemble Klip-BILT II® shelving can be rearranged just as easily when your needs change. Just reposition the Lickety-Klips used at each shelf corner. No bolts are required. Units fit together snugly with excellent rigidity. They last long. They do the job right. Best of all, they are available fast. They simply can't be beat.

  • Strong box post and KLIP® allow for quick adjustment of shelves
  • Strong box front posts allow full use of shelf. There are no hidden corners.
  • Klip-BILT II, standard shelf design can
  • easily be modified for heavier load capacity needs.
  • 18 gauge shelf with lapped and welded corners provides strength throughout the entire shelf
  • instead of just on the edges.

Who uses Klip-Bilt II Shelving?

  • Manufacturer's Distribution
  • Warehouses
  • Offices
  • Hospitals
  • Retailers
  • And More

Where is Klip-Bilt II Shelving Used?

  • Maintenance Areas
  • Stockrooms
  • Assembly Areas
  • Office Supply Areas
  • Record Storage Areas
  • And More

Why Use Klip-Bilt II Shelving?

  • More Efficient Warehousing
  • Better Space Organization
  • Quick Access to Inventory
  • More Available Storage Space
  • Better Control of Inventory
  • Safe Organization of Records

Why Do End Users Like Klip-Bilt II Shelving?

  • Quality Product
  • Fast Delivery
  • Easy Assembly
  • Reliability/Functionality
  • Flexibility